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Literature Review Reflection

The word cloud provided an interesting visual that singled out some of the important words.  I noticed how the focus statement is mirrored in it through key words like communication, involvement, parents, and technology were larger and more singled out.   The subtopics of cognitive learning and success were present too. As I worked through the cycles, the focus on those key terms were important in preparing relevant activities, collecting data which incorporated involvement, and success with the conclusion of Cycle 2 though it is not officially the end of my work with this AR project.


The purpose of my action research is to foster parental involvement with technology tools to communicate effectively and collaborate with the school.  School interaction on the part of parents has been an area of difficulty and so to look for and share resources that can foster communication and collaboration using technology was important. In this project many resources and tools were shared. There were also on going evaluations to ensure the effectiveness of the various communication methods.  They were in the form of surveys and interviews.  This was just one step in the process of bridging the gap to partnership, involvement, motivation, collaboration, and emergent technology.

Final Presentation Video

Leadership Evidence

The conference that was selected was PETE & C which is an annual event where teachers and others associated with education share technology and various resources and tools.  It is an event that shares the latest information in many forms as well as providing educators with opportunities to try out and purchase equipment.

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This conference was chosen not only because of the option to share in presentation form but to provide some information and ideas for those in the community and areas in which I live and teach.  It was also chosen because there was an opportunity to present information on related technology topics in many ways from keynotes to panels to hour-long sessions to displays and more.  Lastly, it was chosen because of the chance to follow through and follow up after the conference via nings, blogs, and community building that occur during the couple day event.

With regards to the outcome of presenting at a conference, I see that others might use and implement some of the things shared, be more willing to use other technology for the purpose of parent school communication, and be more willing to seek out resources to aid in educating using 21st century skills.

Program Reflection

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